Liv Well

Big, small, fancy or plain, each of us has a different outlook on the ideal home and the perfect life. Whether you are buying mansion or renting a co-op, we understand the importance of helping you find your perfect balance of a good life and a good investment.


We are a group of very experienced (decades of experience) local realtors. We have worked in every type of market and have the know how to get you where you want to go.

Tough Love

Liv Well Group realtors will be honest with you no matter what. We will give you all the facts and our honest expert advice so that you can make decisions based on reliable information. 

Humankind Service

No canned responses, no exaggerations, no cliches: just good people who are great at what they do.

Local Intelligence

Liv Well Group realtors have real knowledge; they understand the big picture along with the micro markets and where your desired neighbourhood fits in. We’re so deeply embedded in the communities in which we work we’ve got info you can’t even google yet!


Nobody at Liv Well Group is here to make extra money on the side. All our partners are very experienced, are full time and are all in; with their hearts and minds focused on helping you.

Fanatic Transparency

Liv Well Group doesn’t believe in holding data hostage. We want to equip you with the facts and the understanding you need to feel comfortable in your decision.


We read between the lines and tell you what market trends really mean on an hyper-local level.


Liv Well Group makes the process user-friendly from start to finish, because we know your time is valuable.

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