7 habits of highly effective home sellers

1. Hire an agent who is a local expert

An agent with local expertise brings an intimate understanding of market dynamics, pricing trends, and community nuances that can significantly impact the selling process. Local expertise also allows your agent to create an accurate pricing strategy, market to the right pool of buyers, and show the unique features of your property and community in a way that will resonate with potential buyers.

2. Always declutter before listing

A clean and clutter-free home creates a positive first impression and allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in the space. It allows buyers to focus on your home’s built-in features and potential. Plus a well-maintained and organized home suggests to buyers that the property has been cared for, increasing its perceived value and making it more likely to stand out in a competitive market.

3. Hire a professional cleaner + stager (Working with us? We do this for you)

Professional cleaners ensure that the property is spotless for showings. In a lot of cases, a skilled professional stager can help you arrange furniture, decor, and lighting to highlight the home’s best features while creating an ambiance that resonates with a wide range of buyers. A good stager knows how to stage a property with the goal of selling it faster and for a higher price.

4. Show the buyer you love your home

Show your buyers how much you love your home by making sure it’s clean and well-maintained, and by staging it to highlight specific features that hold special meaning to you (think: the living room perfect for family game night or a dining room made for entertaining). In some cases, leaving out a list of recent upgrades, renovations, or thoughtful design elements can help future buyers appreciate your perspective.

5. Leave the house for every showing

By stepping out during showings, sellers allow prospective home buyers space to explore the home freely and envision themselves living there. It also eliminates any potential awkwardness or discomfort that buyers might feel when the current owners are hovering and listening to them comment on their design choices and home features.

6. Review offers objectively

Even though selling a home can be incredibly emotional, the sale itself is a business transaction, and emotions can cloud judgment and lead to potentially unfavorable results. Try to check your emotions when you review offers and focus on factors like the offer price, terms, and contingencies, and whether they align with your goals.

7. Leave the home in good condition.

Leaving the home in good condition after moving out is a gesture of respect and consideration for the buyers. Make sure any repairs or improvements that you agreed to do are complete before the final walk-through, and that the home is reasonably clean. It sets a positive tone for any final negotiations and a smooth closing day.


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